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Fujifilm excels in inkjet ink manufacturing, drawing on decades of experience to provide top-tier consistency and quality globally.

Fujifilm’s inkjet ink contract manufacturing solutions embody the renowned Japanese commitment to excellence, leveraging decades of experience to deliver top-tier consistency and quality in ink production for inkjet developers worldwide.

Inkjet print system developers can find themselves reassessing their ink supply options for various reasons. Some may be exploring the idea of having manufacturing localized to key markets, while others may be considering vertically integrating an ink manufacturing operation. Additionally, companies with existing ink manufacturing capabilities may seek to free-up capacity for novel, highly sensitive products by contracting out production of legacy inks.

Building in-house ink development capability may make sense for projects where it is important to create proprietary ink technology; however, setting up in-house or onshore ink manufacturing requires significant investment in infrastructure, equipment, QC laboratories, and skilled technical personnel.

As a solution, many developers are turning to contract manufacturing partnerships.

Fujifilm, with decades of experience in inkjet ink technology development and production, is also a specialist inkjet ink contract/toll manufacturing partner for print system developers and ink formulators worldwide. It offers top-tier inkjet manufacturing solutions for both aqueous and UV inks.
World-class manufacturing facilities

Fujifilm has two inkjet ink manufacturing centers of excellence, strategically located in the UK and the USA.

The USA facility is one of the world’s largest dedicated aqueous inkjet ink manufacturing sites, with over three decades experience in water-based ink production, equipped to manufacture both pigment-based and dye-based inks. Its position in Delaware makes it an ideal choice for companies seeking to localize production within the large US market, and it has convenient access to air and seaports for international shipping.

Fujifilm’s UK facility specializes in UV chemistry. With 25 years of experience in UV inkjet ink manufacturing for both Fujifilm and OEM print systems, the facility offers unparalleled expertise for UV ink production. It is an experienced global supplier, but is also positioned for excellent access to Europe, perfect for global companies looking to localize manufacture of UV inks in this region.

Both sites have GMP capability and clean room packing facilities for IDFC inks.

Experience and know-how
Fujifilm’s comprehensive capability in inkjet technologies for both in-house Fujifilm and external OEM systems underscores its deep understanding of the pivotal role ink quality plays in inkjet systems. “At Fujifilm, our extensive experience in inkjet ink and dispersions manufacture allows us to understand the intricate requirements of our customers’ projects,” says Melissa Toledo, General Manager at the USA facility. “Our experienced technical teams, comprising chemists, process engineers, quality control managers, and supply chain experts, work hand in hand with our clients to deliver exactly what they need.”

Precision manufacturing

“Inkjet is a precision process, and we’re manufacturing high specification technical fluids that must meet strict specifications,” explains Toledo. “Maintaining the consistency and repeatability required for manufacturing inkjet inks involves rigorous process testing and monitoring, particularly focusing on water quality and purity of raw materials.”

Fujifilm’s manufacturing capabilities are characterized by robust procedures, precision weighing, and meticulous attention to detail. Toledo highlights the company’s commitment to quality, stating, “Right First Time is a Key Performance Indicator. We investigate anything under 100%.” This dedication to precision and quality underscores Fujifilm’s position as a leader in digital ink manufacturing, with a focus on manufacturing excellence and continuous improvement.

Delivered to customer specification, every time

Fujifilm is well renowned for its commitment to the highest manufacturing quality standards across multiple high-tech industries. Its inkjet ink contract manufacturing services are no exception, with a strong foundation in Japanese manufacturing principles, and underpinned by industry-compliant Quality Management Systems.

David Jenner, Operations Director at Fujifilm’s UK ink facility says “We use the latest analytical and physical properties testing to control quality, from raw materials through to finished product. We monitor the quality and consistency of inks through stringent quality control procedures, ensuring that it is delivered to the customer’s specification, every time.” Fujifilm’s stringent quality control procedures ensure that every batch undergoes meticulous scrutiny to guarantee compliance with specifications. Rigorous testing protocols, advanced analytical techniques, and stringent quality control measures ensure that every batch of ink is delivered to specification, without compromise.

Jenner emphasizes, “Quality is the cornerstone of Fujifilm’s inkjet ink manufacturing process. At Fujifilm, reliability isn’t an option; it’s our commitment. We take immense pride in our ability to deliver products that exceed expectations time and time again. Through meticulous attention to detail, rigorous testing protocols, and a relentless commitment to continuous improvement, we ensure that our products meet and exceed the highest industry standards.”

Customized, flexible manufacturing solutions

From small- to large-scale batches, Fujifilm’s contract manufacturing service encompasses technology transfer, scale-up, testing, quality-controlled production, and packaging, with options for bulk supply or ready-packed solutions. Packaging can be further customized with branding and security features.

“We work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and reliably transfer and scale-up their technology.” Toledo says. “Collaboration involves regular interactions, technical discussions and sharing of data and results to ensure alignment. It extends beyond manufacture to ongoing support, troubleshooting, and continuous improvement initiatives. We believe in long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual success.”

Concerns about intellectual property are understandable. However, when partnering with Fujifilm for ink contract manufacturing, customers can trust that their formulations and innovations are being protected at every step. “As a technology company, we understand the importance of protecting intellectual property, and customer ink formulations are treated with strict confidentiality throughout the entire process. We take stringent measures to protect your identity and the security of your information” explains Toledo.

Fast technology transfer, seamless scale-up

In the fast-evolving digital print industry, rapid technology transfer and seamless scale-up are crucial for getting print systems to market quickly and securing a competitive position. Leveraging Fujifilm’s experience and expertise, inkjet ink formulations are swiftly translated into manufacturing formulations, ensuring a fast turnaround time from initial formulation to supply.

Fujifilm’s technical teams are experts in complex, multi-stage processing, with a proven track record in streamlined scale-up from laboratory to large-scale batches. Toledo emphasizes the intricacies involved in this process, stating, “It involves extensive collaboration, planning, and testing to guarantee product quality and consistency. You can’t just take a lab formulation and use that for large-scale manufacture. To achieve a process that delivers the right result every time requires meticulous attention to detail.”

“Things like variability in raw materials, equipment effects, concentration gradients, and temperature have to be taken into account. Producing a quality product, consistently, is a combination of formulation chemistry and process – the art of manufacturing! We work closely with customer technical teams to ensure a deep understanding of their formulations, processes, and applications.”

Efficient inkjet ink scale-up necessitates addressing challenges like incompatibility, mechanical requirements, and microbiological control during manufacturing. Fujifilm’s collaborative approach and technical expertise enable the resolution of these challenges, ensuring a smooth transition from laboratory formulations to large-scale production batches.

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For inkjet ink developers seeking a reliable contract manufacture partnership, you can trust your ink production to Fujifilm. With decades of experience, world-class manufacturing facilities, and a focus on precision and customer satisfaction, it offers comprehensive, customized solutions for its customers. Get in touch to explore how Fujifilm can support your specific ink production requirements.

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