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Is the print industry in decline? The evolution of print in a digital age.

Once the bedrock of media, communication, and culture, the print industry finds itself at a crossroads. Historically, print media—encompassing newspapers, magazines, and books—has been central to information dissemination and public discourse. However, the
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Contract Manufacturing for Precision Inkjet Inks

Fujifilm excels in inkjet ink manufacturing, drawing on decades of experience to provide top-tier consistency and quality globally. Fujifilm’s inkjet ink contract manufacturing solutions embody the renowned Japanese commitment to excellence, leveraging de
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Eco Flexibles opens new production facility

Eco Flexibles, a sustainability-focused flexible packaging specialist, has marked its commercial evolution with the opening of its new UK headquarters. Now located in a new 40,000sqft production site in Northampton, the move signifies a leap forward for Eco
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Pioneers of Printing: The Origins of Offset Printing

The First Rotary Offset Lithography Printing Press The origins of our modern offset printing can be traced back to 1875, when Robert Barclay of England combined the mid-19th-century transfer printing technology with Richard March Hoe’s rotary p
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Expanding the possibilities of offset printing: Introducing Fujifilm Varnish Plates

As a market leader in packaging and label prepress, it’s vital that we are constantly evolving and growing our solutions range in response to a developing global market. Now, our portfolio is further expanded with a new agreement to manufacture and supply
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