Additive Manufacturing 2.0 leader Desktop Metal recently announced the launch of its ETEC Pro XL premium polymer 3D printer—an industrial DLP system that, at less than $40,000, costs less than half the price of its predecessor, the classic EnvisionTEC Perfactory. With a build area of 249.1 x 140.1 x 165.1 mm, the ETEC Pro XL is currently qualified for use with E-Rigid Form Charcoal, HTM 140, and Easy Cast 2.0; upon request, the system is also backwards-compatible with materials previously approved for prior models of the P4K and Perfactory. This makes it great for multiple jewelry, medical, and industrial applications, like automotive parts, microfluidic devices, castable jewelry patterns, prosthetics, and more. It also features several high-value updates, including a premium 385 nm wavelength light engine, HyperPrint technology that makes DLP print times even faster with closed-loop sensing and a resin heater, a 4K ultra high-definition projector powered by an industrial DLP chip, and more. Plus, it’s Additive Manufacturing 2.0-enabled, which means customers can easily move from prototyping to full production on the same system.

“Our ETEC polymer brand has been a leader for 20+ years in high-quality DLP printing, and the ETC Pro XL continues that legacy at an accessible new price point while delivering critical user upgrades. DLP remains a superior polymer 3D printing technology for speed, surface finish, and accuracy, which is why we have more than 300 Super Fleet customers around the world with more than three systems running around-the-clock production with our machines. That includes manufacturers of industrial goods, toys, jewelry, medical devices, and consumer electronics,” said Founder and CEO Ric Fulop. “Our average customer fleet size is six printers, but it is not uncommon for our customers to have fleets of more than 20 printers. The platform on which the ETEC Pro XL is based, originally known as the Perfactory and more recently known as the P4K, has been a major driver of these Super Fleets.”

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