Irish company Axial3D, a leader in medical segmentation and 3D solutions, is collaborating with GE HealthCare to enable personalized, MRI-based orthopedic 3D printing. In a big step forward for medical imaging and visualization, the two have signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding that aims to close the gap between MRI images and 3D patient-specific outputs. 3D printing for orthopedic applications typically uses CT imaging, which exposes patients to ionizing radiation. The goal here is to give healthcare professionals more insights into patient anatomy, without causing the patient further harm, by combining Axial3D’s FDA-cleared imaging segmentation platform with GE HealthCare’s unique MRI-based oZTEo bone imaging application. This will allow clinicians to achieve radiation-free 3D visualizations, which could lead to more precise diagnoses and 3D printed patient-specific anatomical models, and even reduce the amount of time patients and surgeons are in the operating room.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Axial3D to bring this innovative solution to healthcare providers. This collaboration reinforces our dedication to improving patient care by providing radiation-free, MRI-based solutions for orthopedic imaging. Our oZTEo imaging application augments the traditional soft tissue detail of MRI with bone information, from which healthcare providers can generate 3D digital or physical models that aid in surgical planning and patient education,” said Anja Brau, PhD, GM, MR Clinical Solutions & Research Collaborations for GE HealthCare.

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