As a market leader in packaging and label prepress, it’s vital that we are constantly evolving and growing our solutions range in response to a developing global market.

Now, our portfolio is further expanded with a new agreement to manufacture and supply Fujifilm Varnish Plates for offset printing applications. Our new collaboration is an important milestone, as the first time that Creation, as a flexo packaging and label specialist, has formally presented a product offering to the wide web and sheetfed market.

So, what makes Fujifilm Varnish Plates an ideal line-up to our product and service range? In essence, it’s empowering offset printers by harnessing the power, stability, and versatility traditionally associated with flexographic printing.

One of our key drivers at Creation is to not only support our customers with exemplary prepress support, but to play our part in advancing the print industry as a whole. The approach of bring the best of flexo to sheetfed and wide web offset printers, with Fujifilm Varnish Plates, offers several operational advantages. One of the most central is the elimination of Stripping Blankets, saving operator time, boosting productivity and reducing the risk of human error by taking an additional process out of the equation.

With exceptional quality as a top priority for today’s competitive printers, these plates are ideal for achieving open intermediate depths with contour definition that impresses on every print.

At Creation, our product portfolio is carefully curated to ensure we are only ever offering our customers the best product for their given applications, and the decision to add new products to our range is never taken lightly. The choice to add Fujifilm Varnish Plates was an easy one; as a globally renowned name in photopolymer technologies, Fujifilm brings the technical expertise and innovation we look for, and our customers value. The agreement enables us to strengthen our offset printing reprographics portfolio.

Why choose Fujifilm Varnish Plates from Creation to support your offset printing prepress? In short:


Boosted print quality

Fujifilm Varnish Plates enable the simple and consistent application of high-quality varnish effects, and it’s never been easier to elevate wide-web products to a premium look and feel.

The plates offer excellent ink transfer and dot reproduction for a smooth and consistent layer across the printed surface, and the ability to create textured tactile finishes with ease.


Extensive design possibilities

Offset printers can truly access the best of flexo; the varnish plates supplied by Creation can be used to create captivating effects that grab attention on-shelf. These include spot varnishing, selective coating and textured patterns.

With performance that offset printers can trust, it’s never been easier to bring clients’ visions to life – get in touch with our team today to find out how!


Cost and time savings

Working with Creation to implement Fujifilm flexo Varnish Plates into sheetfed offset printing work flows not only increases the quality, but also delivers attractive cost and time savings. As well as doing away with the need for blanking sleeves, the technology seamlessly integrates into offset printing operations, eliminating the need for offline varnishing.

In short, production steps, setup time and material waste and minimised, resulting in slicker, smoother operations, and improved profitability.


Versatility and durability

Fujifilm Varnish Plates, supplied by Creation, are engineered to ensure compatibility with many different substrates commonly used in offset printing. These include textured paper, cardstock and plastic.

The plates offer consistent and repeatable performance, with durability that impresses. Backed by market-leading Fujifilm technology, the plates provide resistance to wear and tear, ensure a long operational service life, for maximum return on investment while reducing the need for plate replacements.


Reduced energy demands, stronger sustainability

As emissions and energy usage become increasingly important considerations in the printing industry as a whole, the varnish plates in the Creation range offer a new approach for offset print processes. The key lies in creating a smoother process by eliminating the need for offline varnishing steps, which enables tighter control of energy use within the sheetfed offset printing process. By doing so, offset printers have another powerful tool in meeting business-wide sustainability goals.

Is your businesses looking for an expert offset printing prepress partner? Discover the advantages of working with Creation, and our services to the print and packaging sectors.

With the addition of Fujifilm Varnish Plates to our range, the Creation team is poised to transform sheetfed offset printing, opening up new possibilities for its printing customers and driving the industry forward.


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